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Ce orașe să vizitați în Olanda

Which cities to visit in the Netherlands? 4 recommendations

25 April, 2023
The Netherlands is often associated with its three largest cities – Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and The Hague. However, this small country has many more gems to offer. Whether you are looking to relax at the weekend in a different setting or have plans to travel to work in the Netherlands, it’s a good idea to explore both the popular destinations and those lesser-known. Which cities to visit in the Netherlands? We give you four recommendations that are just as good for a trip as for a longer stay in the country of tulips.

What can you expect of the youngest city in the Netherlands?

Almere was founded In the 1970s, becoming not only the youngest city in the Netherlands but also one of the country’s fastest-growing centres. It’s sometimes referred to as an urban planning experiment, as the construction of the city centre itself was only completed in 2007, and the work itself was carried out by high-profile and recognisable artists. It’s therefore worth paying attention to the architecture of this city during your walks, especially buildings such as La Defense, Rode Donders or The Wave. So, if you are an architecture lover and wondering which cities to visit in the Netherlands – Almere should be on your list.

Moreover, Almere is extremely popular with water sports enthusiasts. If you’ve ever thought of trying your hand at water skiing, or if simply being close to water makes you feel relaxed, you’ll find Almere to be an excellent destination.

In addition to water sports and intriguing architecture, Almere is also known for De Kemphaan, a kind of amusement park located on the forested outskirts of the city. You’ll find all sorts of attractions here, including a playground with monkey bars for children, a farm, and forest trails perfect for relaxing walks. Importantly, admission to De Kemphaan is free of charge.

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Interested in combining shopping with relaxation close to nature? Visit Roermond

Roermond is a town close to the borders with Germany and Belgium. It seems inconspicuous, but it has another, more interesting face. It’s the Dutch’s much-loved shopping destination – if you’re wondering which cities to visit in the Netherlands, and you like to discover what’s behind the shop windows and simply unwind by spending time this way, you’ll find yourself at ease in Roermond. However, nature lovers will also find something special for themselves, as just outside Roermond, there’s a wealth of picturesque hills and forests in the De Meinweg National Park.

When visiting Roermond, it’s also recommendable to pop down to the White Town – Thorn. Founded before 1,000 AD, it served the clergy and then the poorest for a long time, and today is famous for its Gothic church Abdijkerk Thorn and the incredibly uniform style of its white houses.
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Jakie miasta odwiedzić w Holandii - Roermond Jakie miasta odwiedzić w Holandii - Roermond

The invincible swamp dragon – Den Bosch

While some cities are outdoing themselves with modernity, others are celebrating their history dating back to the Middle Ages. One of them is ‘s-Hertogenbosch, also known simply as Den Bosch or, more bombastically, the invincible swamp dragon. Like many cities with a rich past, Den Bosch boasts monumental architecture, e.g. the Gothic St. John’s Cathedral, the atmospheric Zwanenbroedershuis, and De Moriaan, the oldest brick building in the Netherlands. One of the most popular attractions though is the fountain with the city’s golden dragonDe Bossche Draak.

If you’re interested in the more entertaining or alternative side of the city, places such as De Korte Pultstrat, which features a whole cross-section of world cuisine, and the industrial Tramkade are worth a visit.

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Jakie miasta odwiedzić w Holandii - Den Bosch Jakie miasta odwiedzić w Holandii - Den Bosch


Since the 19th century, Tilburg has been known for its textiles. The textile industry was the main industry until the 1960s when the city began to develop in other areas as well. Today, echoes of its textile history can be heard in the museum dedicated to this industry, the Textielmuseum. But don’t just expect the usual exhibitions – the museum invites you to discover it by experiencing and co-creating so that you can explore this world with all your senses. Also hugely popular is the Natuurmuseum Brabant, a science centre where interaction is also the main focus.

If you’re wondering which cities to visit in the Netherlands and would like to experience something special, Tilburg could be a great destination. The city is surrounded by picturesque green areas such as Oisterwijkse Bossen en Vennen, where it’s easy to catch a break from everyday life, and very close to it, you can also visit Safaripark Beekse Bergen, one of the best-designed zoos in the Netherlands.
Jakie miasta odwiedzić w Holandii Tilburg Jakie miasta odwiedzić w Holandii Tilburg

Which cities to visit in the Netherlands – is it worth choosing lesser-known destinations?

Exceptional attractions beg to be discovered all over the Netherlands. Sometimes you don’t even realise that something really interesting can be waiting for you just around the corner and you don’t necessarily have to take long routes to the metropolises. Particularly if you’re going to spend a longer time in the Netherlands and, in addition to making some money, you also want to get to know the country itself, it’s a good idea to check out some places off the beaten track. This approach will allow you to feel the atmosphere of the land of windmills and tulips even more fully.