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Bulb gardening jobs – what is entailed in one of the most popular seasonal employment offers in the Netherlands

Bulb gardening jobs – what is entailed in one of the most popular seasonal employment offers in the Netherlands?

31 October, 2022

Working in the Netherlands is very often associated with gardening. When looking for temporary gainful employment on financially favourable terms, you might consider seasonal job offers. One such option is a bulb gardening job. The Kingdom of the Netherlands is famous for producing all sorts of flowers, so you will easily find horticulture-related paid activities there. Here’s what one of the most popular seasonal employment options available in the Netherlands is all about.

Why work in the Netherlands?

With its charming atmosphere and picturesque landscapes, the Netherlands is a popular destination and – increasingly – a place to earn money. Potential employees from other countries find it important that employers operating in this ever-expanding country are open to immigrants i.e., willing to hire them and offer good salary conditions. The competitive wages allow for a high living standard as well as making considerable savings. Additionally, while working in this unique country, you have a good opportunity to do some sightseeing.

Seasonal work

We often bring up the subject of what working in the Netherlands is like and what it entails. It’s also very easy to come across statements according to which the country is associated as a place to work for only a few weeks or months. Therefore, when looking for a temporary job offer, it’s worth checking seasonal job offers. However, the job adverts concern work in all parts of the year, not only the spring and summer seasons. In the Kingdom of the Netherlands, jobs can be found in many industries, due to the high demand for workforce.

Seasonal work in horticulture

The Netherlands is a country known for the production of various types of flower bulbs. Many species of flowers are grown here, mostly tulips. The Netherlands produces around 2 million tulip bulbs each year, of which around 90% are exported. Consequently jobs in horticulture can be found all year round. The period from May to September is the time to work outdoors, while the time between November and January is dedicated to flower bulbs. However, what are the responsibilities of a flower bulb gardener?

Flower bulb gardening – what does it involve?

The responsibilities vary depending on the specific department. The work mainly consists in sorting flower bulbs, as well as quality checking and packaging them. Some of these activities are performed on the conveyor belt, where you can sit, so it isn’t so tiring compared to having to stand for hours.

The work process that consists in packing flower bulbs is usually as follows: first, the soil is shaken off flower bulbs, which are then washed using a special machine. The flower bulbs, travelling on a conveyor belt, are then sorted for quality – ill and damaged ones are disposed of and those that meet the employer’s requirements are kept. The next step consists in peeling off the dry parts of the bulbs by hand and cleaning them. Finally, there’s sorting and segregation into specific boxes. In this way, the bulbs are prepared for packaging and subsequent sale.

In some cases, the division of labour can differ between men and women. Ladies are usually involved in the process of sorting, packaging, sticking labels, and arranging and preparing the bulbs ordered by customers. The work is not very demanding – focus and thoroughness are all it takes. In contrast, men who work as bulb production workers tend to have slightly heavier duties. They are usually involved in pouring bulbs from crates, taking the packages to the warehouse, and labelling or transporting the packed cartons.

Organisational conditions of bulb gardening jobs

  • The assignment is short-term, covering a period of 4 to 8-10 weeks.
  • The work is often done in two day shifts: 6 a.m. – 4 p.m. and 7 a.m. – 5 p.m., so there are 10 hours of work, with compulsory breaks.
  • The work is done by designated teams, which is an advantage, as it makes it more pleasant, and the workers can count on the help and support of their colleagues.
  • No knowledge of a foreign language is required.
  • No specific qualifications are needed, so even very young people with no work experience or students can come to the Netherlands to do this kind of work.
  • Depending on the intensity of the season, you can expect extra paid overtime.

  • Having said that, as with most offers, additional skills are welcome. These can include the command of a foreign language or qualifications as a forklift operator.

Who are jobs in bulb gardening for?

As flower bulb gardening work is considered to be light, hardly exhausting, uncomplicated, and requiring no special training or skills, it can be done by anyone – both women and men, of all ages. Couples are also welcome to apply for this sort of work. The induction process is very quick, and it’s important to perform the duties reliably, make no mistakes, and be thorough.

Working in the Netherlands is a very attractive option, both in terms of pay and time. As the assignment is short-term, it can be taken up not only by unemployed people but also by those who have employment in their home country but need to make some extra money to increase their household budget and can give themselves the liberty of being absent from work for several weeks. The short period of employment has an additional advantage – separation from the family won’t be too long.

How to find a job offer in the Netherlands in the winter?

Looking for a job in the Netherlands isn’t difficult, but the best option is to use an employment agency. Employment offices operating in the Dutch market have job offers all year round and are also able to properly guide people without experience, the required qualifications, or language skills.

What’s more, many of the formalities related to the trip to the Netherlands and taking up work there must be handled by an employment agency. And when handling the employee’s matters, the agency staff can in many cases provide support, advice, and assistance.In addition, most of the offers available through various recruitment and employment agencies, provide employment with accommodation, so that you do not have to worry about housing issues.

All the amenities and, above all, the guarantee of legal employment in the Netherlands means that there are more and more people interested in agencies’ job offers every day. Those leaving their country to work in the Netherlands value the wide choice of offers, as well as the security of the whole process and support in organising the relocation.

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Is flower bulb gardening a job for you?

If you’re looking for a light but well-paid job for somebody unskilled, then the answer is a definite yes. A little effort, diligence, and thoroughness will secure your employment for several weeks, so check out job vacancies available at Carrière and apply now.