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order picker w Albert Heijn


Iconă utilizată de agenția de muncă Carriere International, reprezentând simbolul monedei euro, cu semnul distinctiv €, semnificând unitatea monetară utilizată în multe țări europene.
€14,78/h gross
Iconiță reprezentând un ceas, simbolizând timpul și punctualitatea, o caracteristică esențială în mediul profesional. Descrierea este realizată de agenția de muncă Carriere International.
Shift system
Iconiță reprezentând o insignă de localizare, simbolizând poziționarea geografică sau un loc specific. Descrierea este realizată de agenția de muncă Carriere International.
Bleiswijk Roosendaal Rotterdam Eindhoven
No minimum wage per age system

What will your job involve?


The job of an order picker involves collecting online orders. Using a handheld scanner, you logically and orderly assemble orders (products such as yogurts, cheeses, deli meats, fruits, vegetables, beverages) in a cold hall (+2/+4°C) or warm hall (+15°C).

You check the goods for quality and expiration date. The products you collect are picked up by the customer at a collection point or delivered directly to the customer’s home. You move around the warehouse on foot.

I work in the Netherlands because…

Moving to the Netherlands is a new stage of life for every person. Despite the different reasons for moving, everyone is united by the fear of the unknown. Carrière is there to help before you leave and on the spot. To give you an idea of what it looks like in practice, we asked our employees why they decided to move to the Netherlands and what is most important to them during their stay. Find out their answers.

Alexandra Elena, order picker at Albert Heijn

The position of order picker is one of the most popular in the Netherlands. The job involves collecting orders placed online using a handheld handheld scanner.

Due to the large size of the warehouses, it may appear that the workers do not communicate with each other at all during their shifts, which is not the case at all.

Usually, in this type of job, each person is very useful and the teams are in sync. As a result, the working atmosphere is very pleasant, something emphasized, among others, by our employees.



  • Stable and legal employment based on a Dutch contract.
  • Assistance provided by a English consultant working in the Netherlands.
  • The hiring process could be online.
  • Holiday and leave allowance.
  • Shift allowances.
  • Possible promotion to buddy, team leader or truck driver.
  • Opportunity to take Dutch lessons.
  • In-house (agency office) at the workplace, where you can make arrangements for your work schedule, accommodation, and financial issues.
  • Employee canteen.
  • Attractive allowance for drivers.
  • Free transport to and from work.
  • Wages paid every week into the employee’s account (except the first one, which you will receive after 2 weeks).
  • We offer paid accommodation and health insurance.
  • Access to the myHolland platform, where you can find your documents and the information you need.


  • Communicative command of the English language.
  • Readiness for long-term cooperation due to a 5-week training period.
  • Flexibility and willingness to work shifts, 7 days a week (days off are changeable).

Your wages

  • €14,78/h
    The gross hourly rate
  • 150%
    Night shift (work after 10 p.m.)
  • 150%
    Work on Sundays on public holidays
  • €25/week
    Driver’s allowance

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