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I’m Kasia, HR Manager

“ I would never consider working in a company whose values don’t match mine.”

My job is to recruit new employees and collect staffing needs from managers. I take care of documentation, salaries, bonus systems and development paths for our employees. In addition, I’m responsible for the company’s onboarding process. I train new people in the agency’s recruitment systems, as well as in soft skills. As for my seniority in the company, I will have been working at this branch for 18 years in 2022. #goodwork

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a nurse #goodturn

My dolls, teddy bears and all other toys were constantly soaked in water because I pretended to give them injections. I was so impressed with helping others back then. And when I grew up, I wanted to be an actress, who can adapt to the situation and play many roles. On the one hand, this care, empathy and understanding, and on the other hand, adjusting to the person are now an important part of my job.

I value my work for… #goodwork

…the security and putting the employee always in the first place. I would never consider working in a company whose values don’t match mine. I know that in Carrière, I can flex my workday time and count on private health care, holiday bonuses and gifts. Not only that, but I appreciate my job for its challenges, which showed me I’m capable of doing great things and stepping out of my comfort zone. For me, it was also a development of significant management competencies – besides the sense of success. I gained the ability to listen attentively and learned how to give good advice, which is often appreciated by my colleagues.

Things I’m #goodat

I used to do many artistic things such as singing poetry, recitation, ballroom dancing and playing the piano. Until recently, I was a mentor for my children in these areas. Besides supporting my kids and regularly having them on various competitions, I attend dance classes and workshops at the local theatre. Such stage activities are something I really enjoy. If I had to pick one thing that made me an expert outside of work, it would be ballroom hairstyles for girls. At home, I’m Operational and Financial Director, sometimes even Personal Training Specialist in every school subject.

Something that still makes me laugh  #goodstory

Years ago, when contact with temporary work candidates was more personal and information was forwarded by phone or on the spot in the office, a funny story happened. In the past, we didn’t send address information via text messages or the Internet. Once, we called some lady to inform her that she would be living at a certain address, say Capelle. She instantly asked us to spell it for her so she could write it down properly. Our recruitment worker then started spelling – “C for Celina, A for Agnieszka, P for Paulina, L for Ludwik, L for Lucyna, E for Edyta. Do you have it all?”. The lady’s response was: “Yes, Yes, Yes, I do, I do. But will I be living with all these people?”