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Popular attractions of the Netherlands – a list of must-see places

17 October, 2022
Sylwia Szerszeń

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy – is a proverb you should remember also when going abroad to work. Proper management of leisure time will allow you to relax as well as become better acquainted with the country and its customs. People from central and eastern Europe who go to the Netherlands to look for a job there often don’t travel outside the area where they work, which is a big mistake as it’s a beautiful country that, aside from offering excellent working conditions, has a lot to give in terms of leisure. Below are the most popular attractions of the Netherlands that simply can’t be missed.

Amsterdam – a multifaceted city

Amsterdam is a beautiful and liberal city that enraptures the visitor with its architecture and multitude of museums. The capital of the country will impress you at every turn with its buildings as well as with features that aren’t found anywhere else, such as privileges for cyclists. A trip to the Rijskmuseum or the van Gogh Museum is well worthwhile if you want to enjoy the art and learn more about the life and work of the Dutch masters.

After an exhausting day of sightseeing, a boat trip along the famous canals is a must – some companies can offer a guide who will speak your native language, making the experience all the more so satisfying. Also worth a visit are some of the city’s must-see spots, such as Dam Square and China Town – the oldest Chinese quarter in Europe.

widok na kanał w Amsterdamie widok na kanał w Amsterdamie

Kinderdijk – Dutch windmills

A very popular tourist destination, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, perfect for a day trip from Rotterdam. Kinderdijk is a cluster of 19 historic windmills, which is also the Netherlands’ largest sanctuary of these unique structures.

Keukenhof Park – a festival of tulips

Keukenhof Park is definitely one of our favourite Dutch landmarks. Located not far from Amsterdam, it is the ideal place for all those who love plants and appreciate beautiful views. Almost 7 million tulip bulbs bloom there every spring to create amazing floral masterpieces. Importantly, the place attracts crowds of tourists and is only available in the warm months, so it’s important to plan your visit accordingly and in advance. The best time to visit it is the second half of April.

tulipany w Parku Keukenhof tulipany w Parku Keukenhof

Delft – for painting aficionados

Located in the western part of the Netherlands, Delft is a city and a municipality at the same time. It is famous for its unusual architecture, an impressive large market square (Grote Markt) and churches built in the Gothic style. The most popular place in the city, however, is the Vermeer Centre, dedicated to the painter, who created and lived in Delft almost all his life.

After the tour, it’s a good idea to eat out, preferably at a place serving traditional cuisine – e.g. the eatery with the rather complicated name Troppistenlokaal’t Klooster. In addition to delicious typically Dutch dishes, it boasts one of the largest beer collections in the whole of the Netherlands.

The Hague – the royal city

With a little more time on your hands, if it’s to be spent in a larger and more diverse city, it’s absolutely worth going to The Hague. It’s the seat of the Dutch government, parliament, and royal family, which is why it’s often referred to as the administrative capital of the Netherlands, even though the actual one is of course Amsterdam. Among The Hague’s biggest attractions are Madurodam, a town made up of models of the most famous Dutch monuments of architecture and other historical places, and the Scheveningen bathing resort.

The attractions of the Netherlands, known throughout Europe, are a good reason for anybody to combine their work-related stay with sightseeing.