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A job with accommodation in the Netherlands. The advantages and disadvantages of the solution.

A job with accommodation in the Netherlands. The advantages and disadvantages of the solution

26 December, 2022
Moving to the Netherlands and working there temporarily can be a hassle-free experience, particularly if you use an employment agency. The Dutch are a very open-minded society that respects other cultures and religions. Having said that, a problem can arise when looking for private accommodation, as the number of available flats being let out is relatively small in the Netherlands and the rents can be a deterring factor. So why choose to have a job with accommodation in the Netherlands? Below, we give you some of the pros and cons of this solution.

Cutting down on costs

In the Netherlands, foreigners can rent or buy flats in a variety of styles and locations depending on their budget. However, this option is extremely costly, especially in big cities, where houses and flats tend to be of a rather high standard. Owing to the high population density, the shortage of units and the huge interest in properties for rent, offers are disappearing at a rapid pace while prices are exorbitant. What’s more, even if some flats in the Netherlands are furnished, most often there are only basic appliances or just bare walls. In this case, renting often means having to buy everything, including even carpeting and household appliances, which can make your stay in the Netherlands a much trickier experience.

If you choose to have a job with accommodation in the Netherlands, you avoid such problems. When you arrive, you can enjoy using all the necessary equipment and furniture right away. The rent you pay for such accommodation is also much lower, which can be highly advantageous for anyone who wants to increase their savings by working in the Netherlands and treats their work there as a seasonal activity. The rental fees are taken weekly from the employee’s wages, which you can see on your salaris (the Dutch payslip – you can find it on the myHolland employee website).

Travelling to the workplace

Workers’ flats are often located close to businesses so that no extra time is spent commuting. Temporary agency accommodation involves numerous opportunities. If the location is far from your workplace, you are provided with a bicycle or a company car (depending on the distance between your workplace and your home), which is an extremely convenient solution as it minimises costs and the stress of having to find suitable public transport links.

When working through the Carrière employment agency, you can earn an extra 25 EUR per week as a driver. You and your co-workers travel to work together and return to where your accommodation is located when your shift is over. It’s an excellent option to make some extra money with hardly any effort.

SNF certificate

Everyone has different expectations in terms of minimum satisfactory housing conditions, which is why all Carrière employment agency housing must be SNF-certified by the Association for the Regulation of Temporary Workers’ Accommodation. The certificate attests to the standard of the accommodation conditions, which must comply with fire and health and safety regulations. Also, it certifies that the flats are equipped to meet the adopted standards concerning living space, privacy, and sanitation.

Each location has a caretaker responsible for emergencies or other problems so that the tenants can feel comfortable where they live. An inspection is held once a week to ensure that the flats are maintained to the required standards.


By renting a flat on your own, you have a greater say in what kind of people will live with you under the same roof. Agreements with landlords are usually made in a way that allows both parties to specify a notice period, which can range from a week to as long as three months. So, if your flatmates don’t turn out to be as great as they seemed at the beginning, the relocation will involve a considerable financial loss.

Employee accommodation can take many forms, such as:
  • a single room,
  • a multi-bedded room,
  • a flat shared with a group of friends or your partner.
Of course, it may also be that your flatmate isn’t the one of your dreams, and sharing a common space turns out to be problematic. And especially so if they don’t care enough about tidiness. Agency accommodation involves sharing a bathroom, kitchen, and sometimes a living room. It’s a good idea to work out a cleaning schedule or rules for access to the kitchen and bathroom that allow for your working hours.

New acquaintances and friendships

More often than not, having a job with accommodation in the Netherlands involves living with several people in the same flat or room. These are people of the same nationality or other foreign workers whose aim is in most cases to earn a certain amount of money and return to their home country after some time.

Most of the people who occupy agency flats have a positive attitude and are easy to get on with – they have similar experiences, problems, and expectations, so getting to know them can be a great way to spend your free time when combined with learning the language and culture of the foreign country. Cooking together or visiting the Netherlands during days off are good examples of this approach to bonding.

Having a job with accommodation in the Netherlands – what should be borne in mind?

When choosing accommodation provided by an employment agency, you need to be aware of several issues. To avoid disappointment, it’s important to bear in mind that employment intermediary companies accept a variety of workers, so locations don’t always look the same. If there’s any inconvenience, it’s recommendable to report them to the location supervisor, who will try to address the issues. Constructive feedback is given to agency staff, who ensure the standard of accommodation for temporary workers.

It’s worth noting that accommodation through an employment agency has both a few pros and cons, so it’s hard to say unequivocally state whether it’s a good solution, and the outcome will depend on your personal tastes and character traits.

If you’re interested in a job with accommodation in the Netherlands, please contact us, and we’ll provide you with our current job offers.